curemoll is the “life of a diabetic” and personal/music blog of Mollie Singer and twin sister and Diabetic Angel, Jackie. Normally, Mollie writes about her daily life as a diabetic, how-to tutorials about diabetes, insulin pumps, sensors, etc, and music related blog posts.

Mollie and Jackie Singer are fraternal twins from Las Vegas, Nevada, who feel positive actions speak louder than words. For this reason, they set very high standards for themselves, see obstacles as challenges, and believe they can and should be positive role models for young people everywhere. As children, Mollie and Jackie had a very happy childhood, until the girls turned four years old and Mollie was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. The girls soon discovered their lives would never be the same, but as bad as that diagnosis was, they were determined to make the best of challenges they faced. By the time Mollie celebrated her fifth birthday, she was confidently adapting to her new regimen of finger pokes and insulin shots, when she was unexpectedly confronted with another setback and needed open heart surgery.

Although terrified, Mollie endured more pain, as Jackie remained her rock and diligently worked to help her sister heal and hold on to hope. Inspired by Mollie’s adversity and Jackie’s learning disabilities, together the girls turned their frightening and challenging experiences into positive action, and for the past fifteen years have dedicated their lives to improving the lives of others, both through their music and their unwavering resolve to help cure diabetes, having raised over $700,000.00 for diabetes research with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Furthermore, Mollie and Jackie filmed an ongoing video diary for Good Morning America, about living with diabetes beginning in 1999 through 2001. The video diary demonstrated the benefits of good diabetes management, yet it also showed the very human toll diabetes takes on diabetics, who everyday live with the fear of complications, as do their family, friends, and teachers. The twins mentor diabetics and their friends and family worldwide, and on May 8, 2007, met with two of President Bush’s Domestic Policy Advisors at the White House, regarding increased funding for NIH. However, this was not Mollie and Jackie’s first trip to the White House, as a matter of fact they have met with President Bush on three different occasions, headed up several letter writing campaigns to President Clinton, lobbied numerous Senators and Congressmen, testified three times before Senate and House Hearings, wrote a booklet entitled The Road to the Cure, and participated in the filming of two educational and inspiring documentaries. They also appeared on multiple television talk shows: Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, three appearances on MSNBC, CNN, CBS Early Show, and ABC News and have also given interviews, or been featured in numerous national publications such as, The NY Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Boston Globe, NY Times’ Up Front” magazine, Girls Life, and The Las Vegas Review Journal, to help raise the public’s awareness as to the need to increase funding for NIH and medical research. Mollie and Jackie did not stop there. In 1999, and were named two of Twentieth Century Fox and Lego Land’s Young Heroes of the Year. Mollie and Jackie said, “We are passionate and determined to help find a cure for diabetes and committed to assisting those who cannot help themselves.” With their enthusiasm for life and resolve to cure diabetes, it is easy to understand why Mollie and Jackie are recognized, as national advocates for Juvenile Diabetes.

That same year, the girls formed the Diabetic Angels, an international diabetic support group that focuses on Diabetes Advocacy, Awareness, Fundraising, and Mentoring. Today, the DA’s have grown from ten original members at their elementary school to thousands of members around the world through the help of their newly created social network and global community, www.diabeticangels.com. As time went on, we initiated our long-term goals, which included taking the DA’s global and expanding the DA’s diabetes knowledge, so they could grow and become capable diabetic advocates, confident in their ability to teach others about diabetes, as well as, raise funds for medical research.

After ten years of working to expand our global support, advocating, and fundraising group we are now proceeding to another plateau, one that provides 24/7/365 access to additional resources such as, an Endocrinologist, Diabetologist, Pharmaceutical representatives, Insulin Pump representative, professional diabetic athletes and entertainers, to let diabetics and their families know that they shouldn’t let anything, including diabetes, prevent them from fulfilling their dreams! Furthermore, DA’s can now join a variety of fascinating and fun groups and/or participate in diverse forums. The new resources are possible, because over the last year we, the Founders, created a Diabetic Angel My Space, Facebook, Twitter, and most recently the new Global Diabetic Angel Social Network, which connects diabetics with all of these modes of communication. At age 15, Mollie created a blog, curemoll, for diabetics to talk to each other, know there are other people going through the same thing they are, and to help raise awareness for diabetes. Even though these two young ladies are enthusiastic about dedicating their time to raise awareness, advocate, and fundraise for diabetes, they also see their education as high priority and love learning! They completed high school a couple years ago with their first two years of college completed…and speaking of college, they are now in their junior year in college, ar the Honors College at the University of Las Vegas Nevada and still maintain a 4.0 GPA.

However, diabetes and the Diabetic Angels is not the only venture in Mollie and Jackie’s life, in fact the girl’s other passion is singing, writing, and playing Rockin’ Country Music! Mollie and Jackie are ½ of their act with their Mother and Aunt, (also Mollie and Jackie), called MJ2 (www.mj2twins.com) and are in the process of finishing up the recording of their first album under Nashville Indie label, Sweetsong Nashville, They are preparing to release their first album, entitled, “YOU CAN’T SAY LOVE ENOUGH.” All of the songs on the album are fun, high-energy and meaningful, guaranteed to make you smile and lift your spirits! But what is even more exciting is the Celebrity version of the Title Track, “YOU CAN’T SAY LOVE ENOUGH,” which is out on iTunes now! The Official Music Video just recently went up on YouTube too! This special song features MJ2 and Friends and includes many of the biggest names in music: Dolly Parton, Steve Wariner, Bill Anderson, Heidi Newfield, Cowboy Troy, Heartland, Andy Griggs, Darryl Worley, Wayne Newton and many more. All of the net proceeds from this Celebrity Collaboration are being donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), to help find a cure for Diabetes. This worthy cause is especially close to all of our hearts, as the younger Mollie and our Producer, Dennis Money, are Diabetics. Therefore, this donation is a gift from The Diabetic Angels, an organization founded by MJ2 and our record label, Sweetsong Nashville. Of course Mollie and Jackie will continue their volunteering and plan on using any celebrity they attain to raise awareness for diabetes and continue to fundraise as well.

As for Mollie and Jackie’s singing career, they began as the Singer Twins, singing often in their childhood at school talent shows and eventually made their first professional appearance at the age of thirteen, when they sang How Great Thou Art for the National Finals Rodeo in front of 18,000 people, at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The girls love to sing spirituals, patriotic music, and their favorite, Rockin’ Country Music and have performed at the MGM, Harrah’s, Gold Coast, Stardust, and The Orleans Hotels, and Las Vegas Springs Reserve, in Las Vegas, and at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Washington, DC.

With Mollie and Jackie’s talent, optimism, and perseverance there is no doubt that they will have a successful music career and use any success they attain to help cure diabetes! These two young ladies are very special role models and for years have received national recognition. However, in 2007, Mollie was nominated for and chosen as one of the five national award winners for the Prudential Spirit of Community Award. Jackie was nominated for and selected as one of America’s most outstanding High School Student and is pictured in Who’s Who Among American High School Students. Also in 2007, the girls were named as finalists for the Cosmogirl of the Year Award and on September 11, 2007 both Mollie and Jackie received the 9-11 Heroes Award for Community Service. On November 16, 2007, Mollie and Jackie were named two of the five Most Caring Young Americans andinducted into the Most Caring American Hall of Fame, this experience one that they will hold so close to their hearts, and will always feel honored to be among winners such as Mother Theresa, Billy Graham, Maya Angelou, Patch Adams, M.D., Cal Ripkin Jr., Mattie Stepanek, Paul Newman, President Jimmy and Mrs. Rosalyn Carter, among many many other inspiring people.

In Jauary of 2008, Mollie and Jackie were honored as new members of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Also in January, they were selected as two of four teens to represent the Mudd Corporation, as role modes in their Spring and Summer National Advertising Campaign, Mudd Girls Move the World, and in March of 2008 Jackie represented Mollie and the Diabetic Angels as a finalist for the Do Something Award(formerly known as the BR!CK Award), and although she didn’t win the award, she and the Diabetic Angels received wonderful exposure from Do Something and Frito-Lay, when they were featured on the back of DORITOS Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips for the next year! Most recently, the twins were chosen at two spokespersons and bloggers for Heart of Gold Jewelry, an organization that promotes love, honesty, optimism, excellence, dedication, and respect.

Through everything, MJ2 was humble, yet honored by so many meaningful awards and strive everyday to be worthy of the faith people have in them. MJ2 believes they are truly blessed and will continue to serve God, their family and friends, their Country and the world. Today, they pray daily that, “with the help of the Lord they will have the opportunity to impact even more lives through their music. MJ2 has a very interesting and positive outlook on life saying, “We are not afraid to take chances or make mistakes, for we know that God has a plan and we know it is our responsibility to trust in Him. We will continue to set goals, fulfill our dreams and use our gifts and opportunities to inspire others.”

Feel free to email us at mollie[at]curemoll[dot]com with your questions.

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