Storing 20 Glucose Tablets in M&M’s Containers?


So as you can see above, I am very excited to announce my new “diabetic discovery” for a very important part of my diabetic supplies and travel bag…Glucose Tablet storage! 

We’re all used to the standard little bottle that holds 10 tabs or the huge bottle that holds 50.  When you travel, that doesn’t last very long! 

On Valentine’s Day this year, our Aunt Mama gave us little bottles of M&M’s and after eating half of them with my sister and bolusing for them that night, I looked at the container and totally thought about Glucose Tablets fitting inside! It’s perfect!! 20 Glucose Tablets fit inside, (Fruit Punch are my favorite) and the top is still attached, so when I’m low, I don’t need to worry about unscrewing the top and putting it back, i can just pop the top, take a few and be on my way!  Plus, it fits in my purse and is very easy to find, who can’t find an M&M’s container? ;) hehe.   Can you tell I’m excited by all my exclamation points? :)

Any creative ideas you can suggest would be great, I’m always open to new ideas!! :) I just thought I would share this one for you all! :) 


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